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Dr Gaynel Nave

Naturopathic Doctor
Clinical Director at Hormonal Balance PLLC
Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Just because it’s the norm doesn’t mean life can’t be better.

About Dr Gaynel Nave

Over 73% of women and folks going through perimenopause are frustrated and exhausted with the care they receive. FullJoy Wellness was created to eradicate this gap so you thrive and have the quality of life you desire in menopause and beyond! 

Hi, I’m Dr Nave. For most of us living the lives we want is interrupted by past challenges, poor support, and confusion. If you’re like me there are many ways you’ve not been supported, been told your experience doesn’t matter, and worse told your experience isn’t real. Rude, right?! 

However, I know you can have a full life, and that normal doesn’t need to be your reality! Menopause can be full of clarity, calm, confidence, and celebration instead of brain fog, confusion, and exhaustion.

FullJoy Wellness exists to provide holistic health solutions, so you feel amazing during this transition and beyond! We combine comprehensive assessments of your overall health history, symptoms, hormone testing, and health goals; coordinate with your other healthcare providers; and provide customized supports so you feel confident and free. 

You and I are two experts working together to be curious, compassionate, and create your curated plan so you achieve the quality of life you desire. As a naturopathic physician and expert in women’s and mental health, I will be drawing on a variety of wisdom including classical homeopathy, botanical medicine, public health, the principles of Internal Family Systems (IFS), the principles of Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Substance Use Disorder (SUDS), Intimate Partner Violence/Domestic Violence (IPV/DV), and other forms of trauma-informed care.

Hormones and aging don’t need to be confusing or complicated so let’s simplify it together.

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